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In addition to its importance in maintaining the proper functioning of the body, water is often the main character of weight reduction diets. Women and men, in search of fast weight loss, drastically eliminate food and give priority to liquid for several days. Tsindos' research, however, revealed that water in food intake has greater benefit in weight reduction. "It helps in the loss of hunger, but it is not in itself responsible for losing weight. You have to combine it with a low-calorie diet, "he explains. According to the researcher, the excessive intake of water, besides not helping in weight reduction, can lead to hyponatremia, even heart failure. A different point of view, however, is presented by Alcântara, who explains the process of weight loss through the action of the three great fuels of our organism: water, food and oxygen. "If one of them is missing, our metabolism slows down. Those who drink little water retain fluid in the body and end up getting fat. That's why water is important for those who want to lose weight, because it is one of the fuels for the proper functioning of metabolism. " The doctor further clarifies that diseases related to excess water occur only when the amount ingested is greater than the ability of the kidney to filter it and eliminate it through the urine. Despite the polemics, for Carlos Alberto Lancia, there is no drink that can replace water, "the only 100% natural product". "The one on the faucet is not, the one on the faucet is not. In addition, most fruits and vegetables have agrochemicals. This is the reality. Take a test and consume only the water from the food to see the difference. There are several studies in the world on water, but we must follow what is recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization): the intake of 2l per day, "he argues.

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